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Education and Innovation in Embedded Systems Design

USI Università della Svizzera italiana, USI Faculty of Informatics, Advanced Learning and Research Institute USI Università della Svizzera italiana USI Faculty of Informatics USI Advanced Learning and Research Institute

ProGrid: Proactive Methods for Continuous Operation of the Power Grid

Further improvement of availability of power distribution service requires novel methods in grid operation management. The proposed proactive approach aims at complementing the existing (reactive) one by predicting disturbances to prevent them or to mitigate their effect. In this project, we propose an innovative strategy for grid disturbance prediction. The online prediction of disturbances is based on runtime measurements and their processing. We will develop an algorithm for disturbances online prediction taking a holistic approach to extraction and selection of the most indicative features. We rely on real-life grid data traces. In particular, the project will include the following activities: (1) Modeling of the system structure and classification of disturbances; (2) Data conditioning, feature extraction and feature selection; (3) Prediction algorithm selection and evaluation; (4) Analysis of the impact of prediction on system’s availability. As an ultimate outcome, the project aims at paving the way for proactive grid operation management.

Head of project at USI Prof. Miroslaw Malek
ALaRI Personnell Igor Kaitovic
Starting date Thursday, January 1, 2015
Duration (months) 9
Funding Agency Hasler Stiftung
Research area Dependability
Status Over